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Justice! “No more $27 beer” – Crack Down On Ridiculous Beer Prices At NYC Airports

Most people who have had the privilege of visiting New York City anticipate paying a bit more for goods and services in this bustling metropolitan area.

The Big Apple is known throughout the world for its higher cost of living, meaning that most visitors can expect to pay extra when making purchases during their stay.

Most travelers have at least one anecdote to tell about an extortionate price they have paid for a substandard sandwich or weak cocktail while passing through an airport.

However, it seems that New York officials are refusing to tolerate the sky-high cost of $27 beer, which appears to be where they draw the line in terms of excessive prices charged by vendors.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the agency responsible for overseeing the three major airports that serve the greater metropolitan area of New York City, is taking drastic steps to combat exorbitantly priced food and beverages.

In an effort to provide travelers with more affordable options, they are increasing their vigilance in monitoring vendors operating within the airport in order to ensure that prices remain fair and reasonable.

An investigation conducted by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which is responsible for overseeing Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA) and Newark-Liberty (EWR) airports, discovered that some beer and food items offered to travelers within the terminals were being sold at completely unreasonable prices.

Upon further examination, it was concluded that these exorbitant costs were totally indefensible.

Some of the prices ome people experienced were outrageous; like $27.85 for a single Sam Adams Summer Ale Draught, $11 for an order of french fries and $4 for a small orange juice.

An investigation lasting for months concerning possible price gouging was swiftly launched by the Office of Inspector General at the PA.

After a thorough examination, the agency’s report determined that OTG had violated street pricing policy by unlawfully adding an additional surcharge to their already elevated base price.

This vendor operates concessions at three airports in the New York City metropolitan area, as well as many other airports throughout the United States of America.

The Port Authority has recently declared that it has established new pricing regulations for concession stands at the three airports located in New York and New Jersey.

These new rules stipulate a maximum limit on food and beverage prices, which are aimed to be kept consistent with the “street prices” of local stores. This is meant to ensure customers receive fair value for their money without having to pay overinflated rates when purchasing items within the airport.

The newly-revised policy from the agency permits vendors to add a surcharge of up to 10%, in light of the fact that the former street-pricing policy was too vague with regards to its directions. Consequently, it is assumed that these recent amendments resolve that dilemma.

At airports, customers should expect all policies related to the pricing of food and beverages at concessions to be enforced. Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole said this must happen for customers to rightfully receive such expectations.

“Nobody should have to fork over such an exorbitant amount for a beer. The Aviation Department’s new compliance and enforcement measures announced today make it crystal clear that all prices at concessions will be routinely monitored to ensure they are aligned with the regional marketplace.”

In addition to price caps, airport concessionaires must also provide customers with more budget-friendly food and drink choices.

This will ensure that passengers have access to reasonably priced sustenance while they wait for their flights. Providing affordable fare is an important part of the customer experience and should be a priority for any airport vendor.

In July 2021, it all began with a single tweet from an astonished customer who was amazed by the high prices for beer in LaGuardia Airport.

This tweet quickly went viral and sparked an outcry from travelers across the country, many of whom couldn’t believe such exorbitant fees could be charged for something as simple as a cold beer. The matter gained so much attention that soon enough authorities had to step in and address the issue.

Not long after that, New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne, Jr., vociferously criticized the exorbitant prices for concessions at Newark-Liberty airport.

Payne, who represents the 10th congressional district in New Jersey, was appalled by the outrageous cost of $11 french fries and $20 beers and decried how such expensive prices were an affront to travelers.

“Simply put: travel is stressful enough,” Payne wrote in a letter he co-authored with other lawmakers to the Port Authority. “Being bamboozled at the bar for a bottle of beer is no way for our region to greet or wave goodbye to our neighbors.”

The Port Authority urges all individuals who pass through any of the three major airports in the region to report any potential cases of price gouging by notifying its social media accounts.

In simpler terms, if you witness something that appears to be unjust or unreasonable pricing, please speak up and let the Port Authority know.

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